Wish List

The Loudoun CAC is seeking donations of the following items (updated March 2014):

WII gaming system and games
Gift Cards to local retailers for office, cleaning, toiletry, and art supplies
Children's Board Games
Children's DVD movies and Family friendly sitcoms (non-violent, non-suggestive, etc.)
Stereo to play CDs
Washable Crayola Multi-Color Markers, Crayons and Pencils
Self Adhesive Easel paper
People Magazine
Popular magazines in Spanish
DVD to DVD dubber
Multicultural toys/books
Books in Spanish
Monetary donations (to make an online donation please visit www.lcsj.org)

The Child First Doctrine
The child is our first priority.
Not the needs of the family.
Not the child's "story."
Not the evidence.
Not the needs of the courts.
Not the needs of police, child protection, attorneys, etc.
The child is our first priority.

If a child discloses abuse to you, or if you suspect or have reason to believe a child is being abused or victimized, contact the Department of Family Services' Child Protective Services Unit Child Abuse Hotline: (703)771-KIDS (5437)